Nickie Sallivan - Singer / Songwriter

Having left his native town of Vladivostok 7 years ago, Nickie Sallivan, a singer/songwriter and front man of the band Anglia, moved on in the hope of success to the capital Moscow.
There he was showcased by the well-known music distribution company "Mystery of Sound", and in 2006 they had their first album "Keep Your Eyes Open" released.

Anglia plays very high quality mainstream rock with special emphasis on strong melodies. Many songs from their debut album were played by local radio stations. Around 1000 copies of the album were sold in many music stores around the country. "Music Box" magazine which deals with English rock in Russia has rated this band highly.

In 2007 Nickie Sallivan was invited as an independent lyrics-writer for the first English sung rock opera in Russia called "Freddie". It took him several months to compose a splendid libretto about Freddie Mercury, one of the greatest musicians in the world.

Dimitri Stocchi - Drummer / Songwriter

In autumn of 2008 Nickie moved to London to establish new contacts with British labels and Record companies.
There he met a famous promoter Peter Coulston who runs his own label "RealMusik" which effectively and widely promotes new unsigned artists and bands.
He also promotes through his own show which is broadcast on Xstream East Radio.

2 years later after a productive collaboration, PeterCoulston became a co-writer of Anglia's songs.

In 2009 Nickie Sallivan spent all his time in Moscow recording new songs for the second studio album called "The Show of Marionettes". The album was successfully finished but stayed unreleased. Instead, a compilation with twenty songs entitled "Half-Life" was released in the March of 2010.

Eugene Drytine - Guitar

That same year, Anglia signed a contract with "Deuce Management & Promotion" led by Rob Saunders. Deuce Management & Promotion is one of the leading companies in the UK to offer services to unsigned/newly signed bands and artists.

For the last two years Anglia's songs have been broadcast by over 25 radio stations worldwide that have accepted the chance to include Deuce M&P's show in their programming schedule.
These range from Internet and University to Digital and FM stations with combined listening figures of over 100,000 people.